[NAFEX] OT Light bulb as Xmas gift

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Fri Dec 5 17:32:11 EST 2008

Thanks for the light-bulb source.  I'd just like to warn the list that I've 
also been testing some LED bulbs, and I don't think they are quite ready to 
be my primary lighting source.  The nightlights rock.  I'll never buy 
another incandescent night light.  The "60 watt equivalent" bulbs lighting 
my front porch are pretty good.  They aren't as bright as they claim (not 
as bright as 60w incandescents) but they're bright enough for this purpose, 
they draw less than 10 watts, and I expect them to last for years in a spot 
where it's hard to change the bulbs.  The "100 watt equivalent" is not 
ready for prime time.  It doesn't always turn on when I flip the switch, 
and when it's on it makes an annoying hum.  I don't think it's as bright as 
it claims, either, but its other problems were so great that I've removed 
it and will probably try to get a refund.

I do think that LED lighting is a great opportunity, and someone has to be 
an early adopter to fund further research to make them better.  But I 
recommend testing a particular bulb in a situation similar to the one for 
which it will be used before giving one as a gift.

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On Fri, 5 Dec 2008 08:05:31 -0700 "Naomi Counides" <naomi at oznayim.us> wrote:
>I apologize for this OT but I feel strongly about energy..carbon and all 
that.  I have decided to give LED light bulbs as Christmas presents.  I 
have people in my family who are burning the usual incandescents.  They 
also are a little difficult to pick presents for.. so for the foreseeable 
future they are getting light bulbs. They also save money on the electric 
bill. This seems a good model and place to buy. 
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