[NAFEX] Old Southern Apples

Jason E Haynes (Springhaven Gardens & Nursery) jason at springhavennursery.com
Fri Dec 5 14:37:24 EST 2008

Hey Martha,

I did email Lee and he replied back to me. I hope he does not mind me
posting his response! 


Dear Jason,
Old Southern Apples has been sold out for two years.  No new copies are
available as far as I know.  I sold my last one over two years ago.
I am rewriting the book for a 2nd edition as I have gathered much
information since the 1995 publication of the original book.  I estimate it
will take at least two years for the rewrite, then I have to find a
publisher, if I can.
Lee Calhoun

Regarding Old Southern apples:
A comment by Lee I heard at the NAFEX Meeting was " It took 10 years to do
the first edition you have to give me some time"  So I think he is either
thinking about it or working on it.


" It might be better to contact him to do second edition.  I think he wants
to do another book maybe if more of us would push him bit, it will happen."


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