[NAFEX] Haskups

Martha L. Davis martha_davis at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 5 13:43:04 EST 2008

Regarding Haskups

Both Raintree and One Green World Nurseries sell Honey Berry or Haskups. As does Edible Landscaping.  Maxine Thompson At OSU in Corvallis Oregon is doing breeding work, but has not release any of her varieties yet,that I am aware of.  The problem is in the U.S. is that the initial releases of Haskup bloomed too early so the people that had luck with them were in Maine but not farther south.  There are now some later blooming varieties that work better in Oregon and presumably parts south.  Some listings sort the varieties they offer into earlier and later blooming types.  I guess the problem in Oregon was such early bloom that the insects were out yet, or possibly frost damage to flowers.  


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