[NAFEX] OT Light bulb as Xmas gift

Naomi Counides naomi at oznayim.us
Fri Dec 5 13:39:35 EST 2008

At the price one or two LEDs are all I am likely to spring for.  


However..I think instead of donating cans of food I think I might put a CFB
in the box.  They have been going for $1 each around here.  Same as a can of
Tuna pretty much.  Many people do not yet use them. It would help them out
and their electric bill and the carbon.




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On Dec 5, 2008, at 10:38 AM, Amlie & Hayas wrote:

Have you tried these?  Trying to read with "regular" LED lights as
illumination gives me a splitting headache in short order.  Are these


Standard fluorescents make me feel like it's three in the morning and I
ought to be in bed. Too much time under them puts me in a terrible mood and
can bring on headaches.

"Daylight" fluorescents are a lot better -- at least some of them are, I
haven't tried them all; but did find some I can use at home. I haven't tried
LED's except in a flashlight, which is a different situation and doesn't let
me judge whether I could stand them for general lighting.

People's reactions to types of light vary drastically. Giving these as gifts
is a good idea; but unless you already know the tolerance of the particular
people I'd give one or two bulbs per household, with a note suggesting they
try them and let you know whether they'd like to have more. Or, if there are
various types, you could make up a gift box with one or two bulbs each of
each type.

Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly

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