[NAFEX] Fruit Nut and Berry Inventory Book

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Fri Dec 5 08:53:19 EST 2008

I understand that the editors just used nursery descriptions.  I have been 
using it to find info on varieties I am interested, for comparison with what 
others in other books, catalogs, online and on this group have to say.  It's 
really fun for me to ferret out information that way.  For example, I know 
two people who didn't like the 'Lucious' pear but someone on this group 
loved it.  I've heard varying opinions on the 'Richard Peters' pear.  The 
Pineapple pear is extremely popular with everyone I have given fruit to, but 
the listing at Corvallis says the fruit is crummy.  Personally, after my 
attempts to eat Shinko and Korean Giant, I'll keep my Pineapple trees. 
(Hey, they finally did get pretty edible, it's just I had so many Winesaps 
from a friend's tree, I couldn't be bothered to eat those pears.  And they 
didn't keep at all like I was led to believe they could.  The last 2 or 3 
not rotten got shared with friends this week.  That's a long time short of 4 
months storage, and they weren't impressed either.   I've decided rather 
than regraft the trees, I'll try taking the fruit to the farmer's mkt next 
year and see if some Asians will buy them. )
    Another thing I have done with the Inventory is see where all the 
nurseries are located that sell a particular variety.  If California, that 
implies better quality, but says nothing good about it's reaction to late 
freezes or humid climates.  If up north, implies hardiness.  If in the SE 
implies I might be able to grow it.  It's a good tool.    Donna 

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