[NAFEX] Mark and Geneva Rootstock

Pete Tallman pete_tallman at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 5 05:16:10 EST 2008

I'm in general agreement with Sherwin Dubren's comments on Mark and Bud-9 rootstocks. I'm very sorry to hear Mark is unavailable at present. My Mark trees were benchgrafted (thanks Greg!) and planted here in nursery beds in 1994-1996 timeframe, then moved to final spots a year or two later. (It was the hot rootstock at the time.) To my eyes, these trees are still doing quite well. Trees on Bud-9, most purchased as finished trees, look good too. I have some problems with suckering on Mark, and a little on Bud-9. My soil is heavy clay with a lot of preparation. Trees are under 100% irrigation and fully supported on a trellis. There is fireblight pressure here, but I have not noticed a lot of fireblight trouble with the rootstocks themselves. For trees heavily involved with fireblight in the scion variety on top, I discard entire trees and don't try to save the rootstock. A few trees started elsewhere on Ott-3 are also doing noticeably well here, but Ott-3 is difficult to impossible to use for benchgrafts because roots on stooled rootstock starts are scant; Ott-3 needs to grow for a year before survivors are grafted.    
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