[NAFEX] lemon juice substitute - Rumex spp.

V. Michael Bove Jr. vmb at teakettlefarm.com
Thu Dec 4 12:49:51 EST 2008

I'd suspect that something that was only 1/4 poncirus wouldn't work  
north of zone 7 or 8; the half-changsha citrandarins we tested here  
weren't reliably hardy below 10F even when we protected them with  
burlap and put them in a relatively sheltered place.

(So we still make our whiskey sours here with poncirus juice -- which  
is better than it sounds if you use a lot of sugar and dilute the  
juice about 4:1).

Michael Bove
Teakettle Farm, Z6 (MA/RI border)

On Dec 1, 2008, at 6:54 PM, Bob Randall wrote:

> I'm not sure how far north the best of the trifoliate crosses will go,
> but I have plenty of seeds of a citrus called Roundleaf (Sanford
> citrange x changsha mandarin) originally called sancichang # 10 by Dr
> Brown who made the cross.
> I would guess it could be hardy to zero degrees F--perhaps more
> perhaps less.  It is sour and if you stay away from the skin which has
> some trifoliate gum cells, has a juice that is basically sour and
> edible enough.  I use it here where tasty things grow as a decoy plant
> to keep sidewalk visitors from hopping the fence and don't eat it.
> The fruit looks a bit like a Seville orange.  That is somewhat like an
> orange. I have neighbors who come back and pick it every year, so it
> is certainly decent enough.
> Bob Randall
> Houston

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