[NAFEX] lemon juice substitute - Rumex spp.

Melissa Kacalanos mijwiz at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 1 14:38:24 EST 2008

Are these things that taste like rhubarb? That's
another plant that people use for sourness in
imitation of tart fruit. I don't know what acids are
in it, but I assume the stems have at least some of
whatever poisons you're supposed to avoid in the
leaves. I can't stand rhubarb, or sorrel either, since
even if they taste good to my tongue, they make my
teeth feel chalky. Give me fruit acids any day.
There's no shortage of sour fruits.


> There are multiple Rumex spp.   They all are
> relatively high in nitrates
> and oxalic acid.  Some unacceptably so.  Rumex
> crispus is associated
> with a documented fatal poisoning episode.  Rumex
> acetosa has lower
> levels, but it is not a food to feast upon.  Maybe
> using it for a lemony
> flavoring only requires a small amount....
> Betsy Hilborn
>  7a NC


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