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Circumstances you describe make it sound like a seedling.  Here's one 
way to find out if it's a seedling, which would increase the odds that 
it's not a named variety. Late spring, dig up root pieces, six inches 
long or longer, pencil diameter.  Plant those in a nursery row and wait 
for them to sprout.  Bud from the sprouts to a dwarf stock and when 
they bear in a couple of years, if they are the same as the top, you 
would at least know if the old tree is own-rooted.  If it is, that 
greatly increases the odds that it's an unnamed seedling, not a named 
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On Aug 29, 2008, at 12:40 PM, Jim Bastian wrote:

I've got a crab here that I find exceptional. I have no idea what it 
is. I grafted two trees for myself this spring on to bud 118 
rootstock.  I've posted photos and a brief description here:
If anybody knows what it is please contact me.
Plainfield NH
zone 4ish

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