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Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Fri Aug 29 12:45:25 EDT 2008

At 06:47 PM 8/28/2008, Eddie wrote:
>If you want a Really good crab, try a Hewes Virginia crab.  One of 
>the best apples I have ever eaten.  Really tasty.

Centennial and Kerr(both Dolgo offspring, with Wealthy & Haralson 
being the respective 'apple' parents, if I recall correctly ) are 
really good, too - Centennial ripens early July here, Kerr in early August.
Centennial is very sweet & juicy, Kerr a bit more tart, with sort of 
a 'wine' undertone.
Centennial averages around 2" diameter, and slightly longer than 
wide, Kerr, about 1.5".
I'd hoped I'd get some fruit on Chestnut & Wickson crabs this year, 
as I consistently see rave reviews on them, but it didn't 
happen.  There are a number of black walnut seedlings in the same bed 
with those young trees - I've GOT to move those apples to another spot!

Lucky Pittman
USDA Cold Zone 6
AHS Heat Zone 7
Hopkinsville, KY 
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