[NAFEX] cider apples and perry pears

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Thu Aug 28 22:16:01 EDT 2008

    I think the trick for you would be to choose ANY apples or pears you can 
grow in NE Montana, and just do a bit of blending to make the cider or perry 
taste right.  For example, you can buy tannin and acid to add if necessary, 
or you can grow aronia berries to add astringency and red coloring aka 
phytonutrients.  You are more limited on pear selections than on apples, and 
according to my book they are more likely to need acid and tannins added. 
Anyway, by growing eating apples, you have them for eating, and just do some 
alterations to the cider before or after fermenting.  There are acid tests 
you can do, I don't know about the tannin, I go by taste.  We have made some 
wine out of some really insipid apples, but with a little adjusting it was 
pretty good.    Donna 

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