[NAFEX] crabapple ID

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Thu Aug 28 15:05:49 EDT 2008

Could be Dolgo - are they elongate or round? Seems like I saw in 
print, somewhere, that 'Dolgo' is the Russian word for 'long', and 
Dolgo's fruits are elongate rather than round.
But, it could also be any number of other large-fruited ornamental crabs.
'Callaway', a chance seedling that was selected from a group of 
M.floribunda seedlings by an astute nurseryman at Callaway Gardens, 
is a favorite for eating-out-of-hand in my family.  Heavy bearer of 
large clusters of 1-1.5" tasty little crabapples, often taking on an 
unkempt semi-weeping character, due to the weight of its fruit 
load.  At one point in time, some folks lumped it into the 'edible 
crab' category, but it's largely been relegated to 'ornamental' 
status, despite the fruit quality.  My kids and I fill our pockets 
with Callaway fruits and munch away.

At 04:12 PM 8/27/2008, you wrote:
>As i was biking through our western PA university campus, I came to a
>screeching halt beneath what I took to be a large plum tree, littered
>thickly with beautiful, purply-red fruits. In fact, they are
>crabapples, but they taste like a tangy regular apple, and are the size
>of small plums. Any idea what this treasure is?
>Jackie Kuehn
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