[NAFEX] Pomona's Pectin

Mark Angermayer hangermayer at isp.com
Thu Aug 28 14:41:15 EDT 2008

Thanks Don,

Are you saying the Pomona pectin will set up the same regardless of how much
sugar is used?  Is it also forgiving in terms of how much you boil the jam?
If so, that sounds like just what I need.  Also, I mentioned we yielded 3
pint jars of jam out of one box of Ball pectin.  Am I understanding you that
a one ounce pack of Pomona's should yield about 12 pints of jam?

P.S.  If I remember, you raise quite a few peaches.  How did they do this
year?  How about your apricots?

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> Mark:
> We have been using Pomona's pectin for nearly 15 years now, and it  has
never failed.  We make blackberry and grape jelly, raspberry, apricot,
blueberry and strawberry jams, using less than 1/2 the sugar called for with
Certo or Sure Jell.  However, Pomona's will also jell with artificial
sweeteners like Equal, which is useful if you have diabetic friends or
relatives.  There is a limitation on shelf life with low or no-sugar jams
and jellies, and we generally try to rotate the stock about every 18 months
or so.
> We have adjusted the recipe to use almost exactly 2/3 the amount of pectin
recommended on the Pomona's brochure, and find this gives us nearly perfect
consistency every time.  When we use the full amount, the jelly sets up too
hard.  Using this amount, a 1-oz. packet of Pomona's will produce 4 times as
much jelly as a packet of Ball's or other brands, making it significantly
cheaper to use.  Pomona's uses a small amount of calcium solution as the
jelling catalyst, but we have never been able to even notice the slightest
trace of this tiny bit of calcium in the flavor of the final product.  If
you tried Pomona's, I doubt that you would ever go back to Ball's or any
other brand.
> You can mailorder Pomana's for $4.50 the 1-oz pack, or $24.00 for 8 ounces
bulk, which is a better deal.  The pectin is accompanied by a packet of
calcium and instructions.  E-mail is info at pomonapectin.com
> Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA
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