[NAFEX] Toka Plum loaded tree

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Wed Aug 27 19:46:46 EDT 2008

You have too many choices!  Plums can, dry, and freeze well, and make
wonderful jam, jelly, or syrup, and can make a nice juice, as well, or fruit


A couple hints while you decide (of course you can process more than one
way, which I do when I have an abundance of something):  Toka is
semi-freestone, isn't it?  I'd cut them for freezing as though clingstone:
stand the washed fruit upright, seam perpendicular to you, use a thin knife
to slice downward and closely along the pit; turn and do the other side;
then do the two remaining thinner pieces.  I do this only because, for me,
it's faster than cutting and twist-separating halves.  For drying, though,
you might want to treat as a freestone and cut a circle to the pit and twist
apart, just so you have evenly-sized pieces that will dry evenly.  I like
little raisiny plum-bits, though, and would dry smaller pieces on separate


Since you're a winemaker, you might want to preserve some juice for later
fermenting.  For the best quality juice, I'd de-pit as above, juice in a
juicer, and process.  To save space, I'd freeze the juice in big plastic
soda bottles, then upend those in jars and let the concentrate melt off
(water ice remains).  You lose fiber, but gain space.  


~ Stephen


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I have a loaded Toka plum tree.  I need suggestions on how to use/preserve
the harvest.


I am already making a fruit mead out of the Shiros so the 5 gallon jug is


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