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Thanks for all the ideas on mowing, seems like everyone has a plan that works for them. Allan was right, commercial growers will definitely manage their orchards differently than , the back yard type. Being of the hobbyist type, I find it harder to find info to suit my needs, that is why I joined this group.  The mowed strips with roundup (or other weed killer) is used here a lot in southeast Pa. on the commercial orchards, and the trees are pruned hard, in a very uniform way.  My orchard of approx. 40 mixed trees does not look like these, although I have them planted in rows and they are in full sun with no competition from other trees. I have plenty of room.  Although I like the look of long grass in an orchard I find it impractical. Mowing has to be done, and if the grass gets too long it gets to be a problem if you are using a riding lawn mower.  I thought that there might be some magic cure that I was unaware of (like the cabbage bait for
 groundhogs!) but it seems there isn't, just different ways of management, none  not labor intensive.  We are very dry here now, so mowing has slowed down. More time to can peaches  :)    Lisa     Zone 6 

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