[NAFEX] Wild Plum Jam - sooooo astringent

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We used to make preserves out of the wild plums that grew in coastal South Carolina, and those preservess were fabulous!  We were famous for them.  They weren't astringent, just really tasty.  I'd have to say that they were the best preserves I've ever eaten.  Maybe you have a different species of wild plum up there.

Eddie Earles

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>I picked some wild plums that for the first time have ripened nicely.  
>The skins are sour and astringent, but the juice is sweet and fragrant  
>like flowers. I made some jam by nicking the skins, boiling the  
>fruits, and squeezing out the juice.
>Oh my, was it astringent! Clearly the skins ruined the jam.
>I still have enough plums to try again, but how to go about it... The  
>fruits are so small that it's not practical to skin them. Any thoughts  
>on how to preserve the goodness and avoid the astringency of these  
>lovely fruits?
>Diane Porter, Fairfield, Iowa
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