[NAFEX] mowing orchards

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I've not tried limestone under trees, but it should conserve water and
reduce weed pressure.  If you have acidic soil, slowly adding lime might be
a good thing.  Many soils around here are already alkaline, so it probably
wouldn't be a good idea in Kansas.  Of course, the stones won't add any
organic matter. But they might have the advantage of harboring predators
(ground beetles) a small benefit, but every little bit helps.


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> An alternative I have been considering for my own fruit trees is the use
> limestone flagstones inside the drip line of the tree.  I would be a
> constant source of lime, would keep weeds down and away from tree except
> for the space between stones.  The spacing, size, and angling of the
> would be variable based on soil type and climate.  It would most likely
> improve air flow under the trees as well. Do you think it would result as
> too much of a barrier for the trees?  Of course, this would only be
> feasible for a home orchard but would be long lasting. I would like to
> some thoughts on this as an option to mowing.
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> Jim Elie
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