[NAFEX] replanting in sites with previous failure

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 18:03:26 EDT 2008

Until you've identified the cause of failure replanting is risky but in home
orchards, of course you should try, if only to continue your investigation
and learning experience.  If it's a graft issue, say incompatibility of
rootstock to scion... duh, try again with something hopefully root and scion

If all your best research fails to explain the failure of a second attempt
than maybe it's time to try another species.  However, I have found that
even varieties of the same species will perform unpredictably on any given
site but this hasn't been about survival but productivity.  On my own site
Redhaven failed to  produce where another variety of peach prospered and yet
Redhaven succeeded a few hundred feet away when I planted another one.  Of
course there is a chance that a second Redhaven attempt would also have
succeeded at the site of the failed Redhaven.  Horticulture is not a field
for those who can't function in an environment of uncertainty.
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