[NAFEX] Jujube Propagation

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As far as root cutting here is an excerpt from my book Jujube -The Chinese Date:


            "Taking root cuttings is one way to get a lot of plants in a hurry. Normally the cuttings are taken in the late winter from dormant plants. Dig down and expose the root section you want to turn into cuttings. The cuttings should be 4-6 inches long of pencil sized roots (¼ to ½ inch). On the part of the root next to the trunk of the tree (proximal end) make a straight cut and on the part of the root furthest from the trunk (distal end) make a slanting cut. This is important so you will know the orientation of the roots. 

            If the ground outside has not warmed enough to work you can store the cuttings in moist peat moss, sawdust or sand in a closed container in the refrigerator for up to 3 months. If or when the ground is warm enough in very early spring plant the cuttings in a good garden soil. Space the cuttings about a foot apart in a row about 2 to 3 inches below the surface. They can be laid horizontally in the row or planted upright with the proximal end toward the surface. Preference is for the upright method. The reasoning is that the sprouts will come from the area toward the proximal end and the distal end will just keep growing downward. By the middle of the summer you should have trees sprouted."

- As far as rooting stem cuttings or scionwood that has been tried by many people with little success. It has been accomplished a few times with softwood cuttings taken in the summer and rooted in a power cloner or mist system. There is another problem with rooted (scion or stem) cuttings in that they do not have the vigor of the wild jujube rootstocks and grow very slowly.


Richard Ashton

Oak Creek Orchard


bwoodtx at verizon.net

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  I am interested to know if anyone on this list has attempted to propagate jujubes by rooting stem cuttings, as opposed to root cuttings or grafts. If anyone has had success, I would specifically like to know what methods you used, and which varieties of jujubes you used.

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