[NAFEX] Elephant Heart plum

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 06:29:12 EDT 2008

Thanks for the answer, Ron.  Now I know what the condition is called and
that the issue is climatically influenced.  It's interesting that the tree
in a "less favorable" location never suffered the malady, maybe because it
was in less vigorous growing mode.  Some varieties of apples often suffer
corking when they are young and  excessively vigorous as is this plum tree.
Maybe when growth slows the quality will improve for the plum as it does for
these apples like Honeycrisp.

Redheart has not proven a useful cultivar for me in the conditions here and
I've been looking for another good redflesh for a few years.  I'm growing an
experimental unnamed redflesh variety I got from Jim Cummins but it is not
quite as good as E H although the plums are huge round and firm and pretty
good- a bit reminiscent of Ozark Premier.  Satsuma seems to survive here but
so far also lacks the quality of E H.  The plum I'm most excited about in
northeastern conditions is Fortune which is exceptionally beautiful,
prolific and delicious but in a different way than E H.  It is a firm plum
and yellow fleshed but with a great acid sugar balance.
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