[NAFEX] green jade pear

David Doud doudone at netusa1.net
Thu Aug 14 21:03:51 EDT 2008

thought I'd report - I bought 5 trees four years ago, and they  
cropped this season - I picked half the fruit yesterday for the weds  
afternoon market, and I am impressed with the quality - the fruit are  
good sized, breaking green toward yellow, seeds are partially brown/ 
white, flesh is crisp and starchy sweet - just right to pick in my  
opinion, and they were a hit at market, easily selling the bushel @  
$1.50/pound - I'm surprised at the number of people who claim they  
prefer a crisp pear - I had a couple of damaged ones that had ripened/ 
softened and they have a pleasant sweet flavor - bartletts are 2-3  
weeks away from harvest - another year like this and I'll be inclined  
to buy a few more trees -

one caveat, this is the finest August in memory for apples/pears -  
80*F days and <60*F nights, rain and sun - the fruit is magnificent -  
the peaches are not very happy tho, as the temps are too cool, and  
harvest is nearly 3 weeks behind recent norms -

Doud - zone 5z

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