[NAFEX] Elephant Heart plum question

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 17:34:41 EDT 2008

Elephant Heart plums are a huge hit with my family.  My wife comes from
Ethiopia so she was raised on a lot of low acid tropical fruit- think
mangoes. I like E H plums a lot too, but I'm having a bit of a problem with
my new tree.  My last tree was in a fairly shadey spot, but this didn't stop
the E H from getting extremely sweet, however it suffered fatal cambium
injury one year as sometimes happens here with many red-fleshed types
besides Methely.  I had already planted another on the south side of my
house next to an aluminum Airstream trailer.

I have trained the tree to grow over the trailer to make use of the sun
there and to provide the tree with extra reflected light.  The tree has
grown very well and started producing fruit its fourth year and has a decent
crop again this year.  The question is why do the earlier plums develope
hard spots around the seed that makes them less pleasant to eat?  It's a
little like stink-bug injury on a pear but the affected flesh is actually
light brown.  Some of the plums are deformed with large sunken spots at the
location of this hardened tissue.  I never experienced this with my previous
tree or with Elephant Heart trees I grew many years ago in Ca.  I'm in Z 6,
southeastern NY.  I wonder if I have a defective tree somehow or more
probably if the extra light is the issue.
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