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I'm tired of working on cheap mowers, so I ended up getting a commercial mower (Ferris).  Mows at 8mph.  Mowed with it for the first time the other day and mowed our 1 acre in 1 hour, but I think I can mow faster once I get used to it.  

Good point about beheading by limbs, but I've been controlling grass under trees with a combination of mulch and roundup.

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  We had a Dixon.  But you say 4mph is a snails's pace.  Actually I think ours went faster on "transport" but otherwise it was fast enough to get "beheaded" in the orchard--didn't duck far enough and lost my hat several times, also scratched an arm quite badly. 
  We had it several years, no problems, then moved to a much smaller yard.

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