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Lee Reich garden at leereich.com
Wed Aug 13 14:36:03 EDT 2008

Ribes aureum, the golden currant, is closely related to clove  
currant, R. odoratum, and often mixed up in the nursery trade. Golden  
currant, in my experience, is more upright growing and has a yellower  
cast to the leaves. Its berries are small, sparse, and not very  
tasty. Perhaps that's what you have. None of the currants ripen off  
the plant.

Lee Reich, PhD

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On Aug 13, 2008, at 11:48 AM, William C. Garthright wrote:

>> I think if you let clove currant get thoroughly ripe, you might enjoy
>> it. I really like the fruit. Then again, Crandall is not a clone, so
>> there is some variation.
> Thanks, Lee. I didn't realize that. I just assumed that 'Crandall'  
> clove
> currants were all clones. And note that this was the ONLY named  
> cultivar
> of clove currants I found when I was looking for plants. On the
> Internet, there was considerable disagreement about whether or not  
> clove
> currants needed cross-pollination - and even whether or not there were
> separate male and female plants - so I would have loved to find  
> another
> cultivar.
> I ended up getting one seedling clove currant, instead, but the  
> berries
> are REALLY small. Then again, since they taste terrible, I guess I  
> don't
> care much about the berry size. :)
> I'll keep trying them. Maybe I'll learn to like them,... eventually.
> PS. Do they ripen once they're picked? I do have a hard time finding
> completely ripe berries, since the birds get them pretty quickly. And
> they don't seem to be worth netting.
> Bill
> Lincoln, NE (zone 5)
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