[NAFEX] Flavor of Centurion variety rabbiteye blueberry

Hilborn.E at epamail.epa.gov Hilborn.E at epamail.epa.gov
Tue Aug 12 13:29:33 EDT 2008

Last year I made a comment that I thought that the Centurion variety of
rabbiteye had a more complex flavor than most.

This year I have been thoughtfully tasting, trying to quantify it for a
better description.  Not being a professional taster, I will give it a
shot: intense, jammy flavor with bright notes of acid.  Best tasting
blueberry I grow, the bush is vigorous and upright.

I will mention a caveat.  I liked the flavor of this variety so much I
planted it at another location about 15 miles away.  That new plant is
just starting to bear. I tasted the fruit on the new plant this year and
thought that it was nothing special!  Go figure.

Betsy Hilborn
7a NC

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