[NAFEX] Blackberries in Nebraska

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Tue Aug 12 01:40:43 EDT 2008

Mark & Helen Angermayer wrote:
> Bill, I won't try to talk you into blackberries, since you're at a stage
> that planting one thing means giving up something else (we all reach that
> phase at some point).  But I will confirm your supermarket experience with
> blackberries probably doesn't compare with home grown blackberries.  Picked
> full ripe blackberries can be as sweet, as fresh home grown peaches.  Maybe
> you just don't like blackberry flavor.  But if you like blackberry jelly/jam
> you would probably be fond of fresh blackberries.  I think you mentioned you
> grow black raspberries.  Blackberries are MUCH sweeter than black
> raspberries.  I don't want to step on anyone's toes, but I don't like black
> raspberries.  I've tried wild blackcaps and domesticated blackcaps, and like
> neither.  To me, black raspberries taste as if they have a hint of hard
> boiled egg.  However, my daughter prefers blackcaps to blackberries.  I
> don't understand this, but neither can I understand how my wife and son like
> pickled artichokes.  Each to his own.
> Mark
> KS

I was going to stay out of this but, as the discussion continues, I'll 
have to throw in my comments.
I've lived in the Adirondacks for 30 years now where we have red 
raspberries and blackberries. I grew up in central Ohio where we had 
lots of black raspberries and quite a few blackberries. I remember 
really enjoying the black raspberries but the blackberries were not 
worth picking, to my taste anyway.
Same thing here. The red raspberries are pretty good but I have no urge 
to eat the blackberries. I wonder if I would like some of the top 
quality cultivated blackberries? I suspect not.
By the way, in Ohio the blackberries grew on tall plants. Here they are 
short, arched vines that must get pushed down and covered by snow. It's 
about 3 zones colder here than where I came from. (What was I thinking???)


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