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Lee Reich garden at leereich.com
Mon Aug 11 11:43:20 EDT 2008

I think if you let clove currant get thoroughly ripe, you might enjoy  
it. I really like the fruit. Then again, Crandall is not a clone, so  
there is some variation. As I stated in my book Uncommon Fruits for  
Every Garden....

             The most widely grown clove currant was found in the  
wild by R. W. Crandall of Newton, Kansas, in 1888. ‘Crandall’, as it  
was called, had the virtue of bearing tasty fruits up to three- 
quarters of an inch in diameter. Unfortunately, many plants sold as  
‘Crandall’ were seedlings, so plants were variable, leading some  
writers to report the flavor as good, others to report “tough skin,  
unpleasant flavor” (fruits on my plants have tender skins and a very  
nice flavor). In 1867, ‘Deseret’ was selected. This clove currant  
cultivar was productive and bore large, dark fruits, “pleasant and  
slightly tart.” ‘Jelly’, another cultivar, had a tough skin, but an  
“agreeable” taste, and ‘Vermillion’, ‘Golden Prolific’, and ‘Amber’  
evidently were cultivars with brightly colored fruits.

Lee Reich, PhD

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On Aug 10, 2008, at 12:25 PM, William C. Garthright wrote:

>> I tasted some that were pretty good (kind of sweet grape flavor)
>> before at Richard Moyer's place.  Then I got some myself and I was
>> disappointed in the flavor. I had one from different source that
>> wasn't half bad, but that one died.  I guess the they vary greatly  
>> and
>> may be nurseries propagate them from seed?
> Well, the 'Crandall' variety is not supposed to be propagated from  
> seed,
> though I bought one plant from a different nursery, and it seems a bit
> different. I've got one seedling clove currant, though, and the  
> berries
> are MUCH smaller (though they still tasted lousy).
>> It's funny how some Crandall plants start ripening at least 6 weeks
>> before others do. I agree the staggered ripening is a pain.
>> No way to know if you're tasting the same plant / flavor  as we have.
>> I certainly do enjoy eating them fresh, but wait till they are  
>> quite ripe.
> Yes, they're incredibly sour when not completely ripe, but I never ate
> one I liked, and I kept trying all season. They lose that sour taste,
> but they never seem to develop any kind of sweet taste. I can taste  
> the
> cloves (which I'd thought was only in the strongly-scented  
> flowers), but
> not much else. I really can't describe it, but I was just amazed to  
> find
> they were so bad.
>> I enjoy the flavor fresh much more than that of black currants,
> Well, you've convinced me never to plant black currants, anyway.  
> Heh, heh.
> Maybe I'll learn to enjoy clove currants, eventually. But I don't  
> think
> I'll bother netting them until then! And considering how they ripen -
> one at a time - I can't see picking them for juice. But we'll see.
> Thanks for the comments.
> Bill
> Lincoln, NE (zone 5)
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