[NAFEX] Apple Rootstock in Czech Republic

hans brinkmann hans-brinkmann at t-online.de
Mon Aug 11 06:46:53 EDT 2008

hallo Ginda,

very nice, how you are watching Europe...

At Germany 100 % of Apple- and Pear-trees are grafts.
Only few special Plums and some Cherries are seedlings.
But your observation would be the same at Germany:
Almost all private orchards would have many different "ugly" apples with 
often "ugly" leaves too.
With pears the same! Now-a-days no spraying at private gardens usually.
The typical apple at Germany may have or has spots and marks!
And many different tastes. But all are from (old) cultivars not from 
Only apples from most fruit farmers are uniform and without any spots.
Apples at stores are probably almost worldwide all the same: more or 
less tasteless cultivars
One of the only exceptions are e.g. Braeburn and Boskoop...

very slow Apple rootstocks at Germany with different resistance:
M 27     M 9 , M 26                                      Germany
J 9                                                                  
Germany Jork
Pi-AU... different ...also called Supporter1, 2, Germany Pillnitz
PI 80                                       Supporter 4     Germany
O 3                                                                Canada
P 22,  and many other numbers                      Poland
B 9      and many other numbers                     Russia
Bemali                                                           Sweden
D 1071                                                          Ukraine
Mark 9,    Mac 9                                           USA
CG 10, 24, 60                                               USA
J-TE-E,   -F, -G, -H   ...                                 Czech Republic


Ginda Fisher schrieb:
> I have just returned from a trip to the Czech Republic and points 
> thereabouts.  There are apples growing everywhere.  Lots of the trees 
> appear to be seedlings - at least, there are whole orchards where every 
> tree looks different and all the fruit is rather ugly.  But there are also 
> many orchards that look uniform.  They all have tiny trees, I mostly saw 
> them from the road but they don't look more than a meter tall, maybe two 
> meters.  Does anyone know what rootstock they use?
> ___
> Ginda
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