[NAFEX] Hungarian apple ID?

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Sun Aug 10 10:08:36 EDT 2008

Through most of my trip the apples in the shops and hotels looked familiar. 
 Often they were labeled with familiar names, such as Jonagold.  But in my 
hotel in Budapest they had an apple at the breakfast buffet that I didn't 
recognize.  It was small, perhaps 2.5" across, roughly spherical, mostly 
red over a yellowish-green background, with prominent pores.  The flesh is 
whitish, perhaps a little yellow or green, and soft, like a McIntosh.  (but 
not at all mealy) .  The flavor was very good, in the same way McIntosh is 
good, although it didn't taste quite the same.  The skin is thin and soft.

I asked what it was, but had trouble with the  accent of the man who 
answered.  It sounded like 'europa' or 'jupiter', and might be something in 
Hungarian.  Does anyone care to guess what it was?

I have photos I'd be happy to e-mail in request.


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