[NAFEX] Electric fence chargers and squirrels

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 20:09:27 EDT 2008

I have some expereince using electric fence to deter squirrels and that has
led me to the conclusion that pulsating charges are not very affective.  A
constant charge is better because the period between pulses is over a second
and a few squirrels will likely get through unzapped.

Red Snap'r Pet Controller worked much better for me than much more powerful
chargers.  It is made by North Central Plastics in Ellendale Minnesota.
Phone# 800 533-2091.  That info is several years old so I'm not sure it's

I used to construct individual 4' by 4' squares of chicken wire fences with
3 strands of charged wire beneath trees and this would stop squirrels from
jumping onto trees.  The problem was that construction was too time
consuming to work within my business.  Most of my customers do not want to
surround their entire orchards with electric fence so that hasn't been the
answer for me either.

Alan Haigh, The Home Orchard Co.
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