[NAFEX] Subject: Re: peach spots

Toni Pralle toni.pralle at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 10:01:04 EDT 2008

>Probably bacterial spot.  Some of my varieties have it too.  It is
generally just cosmetic, although it probably weakens the tree some.  If
it's bad enough, it can crack the peaches.  Generally, its recommended to
plant resistant varieties if possible, if it's a problem.  Antibiotic sprays
are said to be slightly effective.>

Thanks, Mark. I would bet that's what it is. My tomatoes got the fungus and
the plants are dieing. Lots of tomatoes though. I'll spray the fruit and
tree with Colloidal Silver. If it's bacterial/viral, that will take care of
it. If it's bugs, then it won't. I had thought I would do it to the tomatoes
but procrastinated too long.

Toni in zone 4 Iowa USA
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