[NAFEX] Premature yellowing and leaf-drop

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Sat Aug 9 09:46:12 EDT 2008

Bill Garthright wrote, "But after we had an extra 5 inches of rain in June 
(that's a lot for Nebraska, though we didn't have flooding or anything), the 
leaves on the Northstar steadily turned yellow and dropped off. There's not 
a leaf on it now. It's in a flat area, not a depression or anything, and 
none of my other fruit trees had any problem (most have needed extra water 
then, but there's been no irrigation anywhere near the cherry).  But there 
are no signs of borers or any other problem, so I imagine it must have been 
the rainy June.

    The same thing happened to half of my 'Sure-Fire' cherry and it had 
plenty of water.  What happened to it is a mystery to me especially since I 
see the same phenomena happening to road-side bushes.

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