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We have about 25 Crandalls and even more Titania black currants. Both are
amazingly productive. It's funny how some Crandall plants start ripening at
least 6 weeks before others do. I agree the staggered ripening is a pain.
No way to know if you're tasting the same plant / flavor  as we have. I
certainly do enjoy eating them fresh, but wait till they are quite ripe.
They get much larger than black currants, like nice table grapes. I enjoy
the flavor fresh much more than that of black currants, but use both almost
exclusively for juicing.  (I posted on this forum last year about this time
about how we do that, and it ended up in Pomona as well.)
So cook em just enough to juice them, add a bit of sugar and a most
delicious nutritious drink can come.

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> My clove currants, planted a year and a half ago, produced their first
> crop this year. And I've got to say that they're surprisingly... lousy!
> Hey, I'm not at all a picky eater. Just the reverse, in fact. It didn't
> even occur to me that there'd be a fruit I didn't like, and I kept
> hearing about how tasty these were. Not only do I think they taste
> terrible, so does everyone else I've talked into trying one.
> So what's the deal? Does anyone here actually LIKE the taste of these
> things? And if not, what do you do with them? They come ripe one at a
> time, so you can't pick a bunch for cooking or anything (not that I can
> imagine what you'd make with them).
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