[NAFEX] Birds in Amelanchier & Cherry

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Fri Aug 8 12:12:47 EDT 2008

I've been busy this summer, so I'm REALLY behind on my emails. I'm more 
than a bit late replying to everything.

Jim Fruth wrote:
>     I get the beads from a store that sells hobby and craft supplies.  Red, spherical, beads come in several sizes.  Some are faceted and work as well as the plain ones.  I buy beads that are the most similar to the size of the fruit that I'm trying to imitate.  I use these in my cherry and amelanchier.

I've been stopping at craft stores here, but haven't found anything. The 
only beads I find are tiny little things, nowhere near the size of a 
cherry or any other fruit. But this sounds like a great idea, so I'll 
keep looking.

Although,... I think my Northstar cherry tree has died. It's three years 
old and I've never had any previous trouble with it. Due to the freeze 
last year, this is the first year I've had cherries, though not too 
many. It had lots of blossoms, but I had a real shortage of bees earlier 
this spring.

But after we had an extra 5 inches of rain in June (that's a lot for 
Nebraska, though we didn't have flooding or anything), the leaves on the 
Northstar steadily turned yellow and dropped off. There's not a leaf on 
it now. It's in a flat area, not a depression or anything, and none of 
my other fruit trees had any problem (most have needed extra water since 
then, but there's been no irrigation anywhere near the cherry).

But there are no signs of borers or any other problem, so I imagine it 
must have been the rainy June. I'm pretty new at all this, though.

Lincoln, NE (zone 5)

Even in the developing world, where I spend lots of time doing my work, 
if you tell them that you're from MIT and you tell them that you do 
science, it's a big deal. If I go to India and tell them I'm from MIT, 
it's a big deal. In Thailand, it's a big deal. If I go to Iowa, they 
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