[NAFEX] Gruesome but effective squirrel trap - animal rights folks DO NOT READ

fuwa fuwa usagi fuwafuwausagi at muchomail.com
Thu Aug 7 01:35:02 EDT 2008

Several of you asked about my harsh but effective squirrel trap (same idea in a different size works for coons by the way).

It is very simple, fashioned in many ways.  But a strap is a shallow wooden box, place some bait in the box, for squirrels peanuts or walnuts work well.  The lid of the box has a small hole drilled in it, next you drive in some small nails through the lid at about 25 degree angles, angling toward the center of the hole, in a circle pattern around the hole, 4 to six will suffice.   Curious critter smells the bait, puts appendage in the hole to feel around and gets barbed on the nails on the exit(you can also use fish hooks)


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