[NAFEX] Blueberries vs. Blackberries

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Wed Aug 6 10:49:59 EDT 2008

On Aug 6, 2008, at 10:44 AM, Mark & Helen Angermayer wrote:

> This is puzzling.  Fruit Grower News indicated blueberry production is 
> expected to expand, in the near future, more than any other fruit.  As 
> indicated by the article Sam posted, they are even growing them in 
> Utah.  I can understand their popularity, they are tasty.  What I 
> don't understand is why growers aren't putting in more blackberries.  
> Around here, blackberries sell for quite a bit more than blueberries.  
> At the grocers, they sell California blackberries in a little 6 oz. 
> container for $2.50, equating to $7.50 per #.  The blackberries didn't 
> even look that good.  Blueberries sell for $2.00 per # at the same 
> store.
> I know a blackberry grower who goes to a farmer's market and sells 
> out in the first hour, charging $3.75 per #.  He is thinking about 
> buying blackberries from out of state in order to sell more. 
> We've been giving them away.  One lady, whom we gave some to, called 
> back and wanted to buy some.  She said the place that she normally 
> buys them was sold out.  We ended up selling blackberries without even 
> trying.
> Why isn't there more blackberry hype?
> Mark
> KS_______________________________________________

Don't know. But I do know blueberries hold a lot longer than 
blackberries, both on the plant and in the cooler. So that might be a 
factor. Blackberries need to be picked almost instantly once ripe, and 
need to be sold almost as fast once picked. Blackberries also, as 
you've noticed, don't ship well.

Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly
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