[NAFEX] Bears

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Wed Aug 6 01:09:26 EDT 2008

It was written:

Had a bear in my raspberries early this morning.  Tore up the canes. 
Bears can be dangerous if you surprise them or if they are eating.  I
don't shoot animals in my yard so I threw firecrackers at bear which
was belligerent.  I have four Maltese dogs but bear didn't take them
seriously at all.  I bought a bear hunting license today.  Bears
usually appear in Fall to eat apples and acorns on ground.  For the
Nafex gourmets: bears are good to eat.

My reply:

I usually do not say things so tersely - BUT...

Kill the damn thing.  Bears are incredibly dangerous, I have first hand experience.  A bear that does not shy away from dogs is bear that need to transform itself into steaks.   At this point hunting season or not, you are in your rights to kill it.  It is a present danger to you and your loved ones.  Simply tell animal control it was coming toward you, your firecrackers did not repel it, it was going to engage your dogs so you eliminated it.  For what it is worth my 25 year old neighbor thought bears were cute - now he is dead, the authorities found pictures of the "cute little" bear that ate him in his camera.



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