[NAFEX] Blueberries in Paradise: Farmer tweaks soil

Robert C. Mullins mullins at gaelicmysts.com
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I am with you on this point about specificity.  Particularly with regard 
to plants and plant species.  I would wish that the Latin nomenclature 
would somehow be used more often, even though I understand the taxonomic 
nightmare to some degree.

I believe I must point out that coffee beans after being roasted should 
contain some carbon wouldn't they?  ;)

Just thought I would share.

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> That was pretty cool, and I'm happy for the farmer and for blueberry lovers
> in Utah.
> As a biochemist, though, I've been getting a bit annoyed at some reporting
> I've seen lately.  Here, "removing the calcium and magnesium - referred to
> as carbonates."  Wouldn't it seem sensible to someone who's taken high
> school chemistry that carbonates should contain, I don't know, some carbon?
> And that calcium and magnesium per se would not, and exist in forms other
> than calcite and magnesite?  I understand in this specific case he was
> removing Calcium and Magnesium carbonates, but the inference that,
> therefore, Ca and Mg are "referred to as carbonates" I'm sure was
> universally accepted as blindly as it was assumed and reported.  I think the
> public hears sciencey or mathy talk and goes, "oh, I don't understand those
> things, but I learned something now - carbonate means calcium or magnesium.
> So, let's see, milk is a good source of healthy carbonates;" or the brain
> just shuts off altogether when it hears about somethingates.  
> Yes.  I see I'm testy.  Will stop complaining now and drink my coffee.  I
> take it black, no creamer, so no carbonates for me this morning..-- 

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