[NAFEX] container figs and water

Bassem Samaan bassem at gardener.com
Tue Aug 5 18:08:46 EDT 2008

I have some of my potted figs burried half way in soil. The tree will
grow healthier, and doesn't suffer from drought. One thing to keep in
mind, when you root prune in the fall, you'll need to prune the branches
as well. By doing this the fig tree will stay in balance and the branches
don't dry up.

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  I continue to see this discussion about the problem of keeping potted
  figs moist and I wonder if anyone read my post about encouraging the
  roots out of the pots into surrounding soil.  I have about 400 potted
  bearing age fruit trees in my nursery and a less than adequate well
  for my hort acitivities.  I have not watered any of those trees for a
  couple weeks and usually don't after July except during extreme
  drought.  Every fall every tree gets root pruned and set back in the
  soil.  When I install them they tend to grow so quickly my customers
  often get a good crop the first year.  They have lots of fine roots
  in the pots and we save a lot of the outside root by cutting away the
  pot. Now as far a growing fig trees, of course this same system will
  work well- I even manage a few figs for sale this way.  Just plant
  the pot in the soil about half way and mulch beyond the pot a couple
  feet and you will not often have to water.  Here in the northeast
  half of the seasons you won't have to water them at all.  It won't be
  that much work digging them up in the fall to either lay flat on the
  ground and insulating a bit or bringing indoors.  Just save as much
  root out of the pot as is easy to handle.
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