[NAFEX] figs

Scott Smith scott at cs.jhu.edu
Tue Aug 5 13:46:19 EDT 2008

I grow figs in-ground in Maryland.  I have found aluminum bubble  
insulation to make an excellent covering if run all the way to the  
ground -- it lets the ground warmth come up and keep the plants 10-15  
degrees warmer during cold spells.  The insulation also reflects off  
the sun so on hot days it does not get too hot under the covering.   
Here is a picture of my figs covered:


They have taken -2F and come through with almost no damage.  I use a  
normal stapler to build the cover from a roll of aluminum bubble  
insulation.  I use ground staples to attach the cover to the ground,  
and a rope cinch around the waist to help the cover stay in place in  
high winds.

This covering ends up costing a bit more than other kinds of wrapping  
but I feel it is a safer and more reliable covering method.  I don't  
pack any insulation under the cover, but people in colder zones could  
probably get even more insulation value by putting leaves etc under it.


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