[NAFEX] figs in the North

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 06:27:21 EDT 2008

I used to wrap fig trees with tarps after surrounding them with fencing and
stuffing fencing with leaves but I found sometimes, probably due to warm
spells the plants would rot under the plastic.  Here in Z.6 I found it was
adequate just to tie the branches together, fence and cover with leaves.
which I did for a few years until I decided my varieties were inadequately
productive.  Use oak leaves or something that resists getting soggy.

I  now manage my LSU Purple and Chicago Hardy by growing them in potting
soil in 18" root control bags planted in the ground.  In the winter I store
them in my well house after a few freezes (no breba crop, but those airy
figs suck anyway).  The grow bags restrict growth well enough to make it
easy to pop plants out of the ground and digging them up annually
is conveniently dwarfing.

If you grow your figs in large pots, I recommend that you plant the pots in
the ground at least a few inches and let the roots spread into the soil. Dig
them out in the fall and place in a very cool place where the temps stay
above about 20 degrees F.  This way you can maintain a much larger tree in a
smaller pot without restricting fruitfulness.  Root pruning is the
traditional method of keeping plants small and fruitful.  Also with this
method you can leave the trees for a month without watering if the ground is
well mulched.
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