[NAFEX] pepper and squirrels

S & E Hills ehills7408 at wowway.com
Sun Aug 3 21:49:45 EDT 2008

I had a big problem with squirrels stealing suet cages when we first moved
into our new neighborhood.  So I made my own suet cakes, with bacon grease,
sunflower seeds and lots of red-pepper flakes.  We put the traps out one
Sunday (just after we moved into the new house) and the next morning, a
cold-quiet january morning we heard screaming as we left for work (my wife
and I left at the same time).  There were squirrels screaming from many of
the nearby trees as well as standing on our house and  the neighbors'


It was eerie!  My wife asked what did you do, so I told her.  She forbade me
from doing it again saying that she did not want to become known as the
people with the screaming squirrels.  She said that's all we need for the
new neighbors' to associate us (the new people) with the howling little



We've laughed about that story for years now.


Scott Hills 

Zone 6b Michigan

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