[NAFEX] figs

S & E Hills ehills7408 at wowway.com
Sun Aug 3 21:43:12 EDT 2008

I've got about 20 figs, most of which are in pots.  I've got one, a locally
found unidentified variety, in the ground.  Most of my figs are less than 2
years old, with the exception of the one in the ground. (its 3 years old)  I
wrap the one in the ground, but it was found in a yard producing and
unprotected.  When it gets larger I might try leaving part of the clump

 This year I have figs on about half a dozen varieties, but only the one in
the ground is producing fruit in any real quantity (easily dozens).    My
hope is that once the potted figs get larger they will produce more fruit,
though I may have to eventually move them up from 5 gal pots for this to
occur (only one was in a 5 gal pot at the beginning of the summer this

Protecting my outdoor fig has been easy enough.  I cage it, fill the cage
with straw and dry leaves, wrap the cage with burlap and anything above the
cage with burlap and then cover the whole thing with tarps duct-taped
closed.  (I then cover the whole thing with inside-out dog-food bags (which
are that woven plastic stuff).  It looks like a big white snowman most of
the winter.  I've also pushed some stems to the ground and just covered them
with a bale of straw.  Both ways worked just fine last year.  It takes about
30 minutes to cover and half that time to uncover.  (I uncover around
mother's day, though I loosen the wrapping about 2 weeks before that)

Scott Hills
Zone 6b Michigan (though the last 2 winters have been zone 7a)

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