[NAFEX] pepper and squirrels

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 18:22:54 EDT 2008

I have tried both commercial concoctions and batches of really foul and
mucho caliente habenero stew derived from pounds of seed combined with a
real good spreader-sticker.  Squirrels have the tolerance of Thailanders and
would be out chewing on fruit sprayed just hours before.  I think the
peaches would have been too hot for my Ethiopian wife.  It makes me sick
that products like this are marketed by reputable companies and apparently
have no efficacy.  Put Jap Beetle traps on that list.

I forgot to mention another useful distraction- mulberry trees, either to
provide an early site to shoot them or to keep them away for  the early
season.  If there is an Illinois Everbearing mulberry between the woods and
your crop they'll often hit the mulberry first.
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