[NAFEX] Honeycrisp attraction

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 07:46:57 EDT 2008

It is quite common for a species of insect to single out one or a few
varieties over all others in an orchard, so when I've seen Honeycrisp
favored by my JB's I've not given it much thought.  If you wanted a specific
reason you might find it in a nutritional analysis of the leaves.  I
wouldn't be surprised if Honeycrisp has a relatively high concentration of
N. meaning it would be a good source of protean.

Why mites seem particularly fond of Tompkins King or scale are drawn to
Empire and so forth would be of interest as well but the answer probably
wouldn't simplify management of the pests, beyond increasing ones vigilance
for pests in more susceptible varieties.

What is also interesting about Honecrisp is that it seems to be a magnet for
a multitude of pests.  Squirrels favor it above all other varieties to the
point where they'll strip a tree of all Honeycrisp many weeks before they
are ripe while ignoring completely ripe apples of another variety nearby.

At a NAFEX meeting sometime back a commercial grower complained of
pick-your-own customers doing the same thing!  They'd ignore the ripe summer
apples in favor of still green Honeycrisps, jumping temporary fences and
even ignoring warning signs that trees had just been sprayed.
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