[NAFEX] Inquiring minds... pictures

Michael Richardson loneroc at mwt.net
Sat Aug 2 08:42:50 EDT 2008

I have a dial up provider that can download as slow as 7 kbps or slower if
raining (welcome to the country).  I don't have the option of screening out
pictures.  My preference is that photos be posted elsewhere

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        I use dialup and would like pictures.  My email lets me decide to
download or not, picture attachments.

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          On Jul 27, 2008, at 5:25 PM, Road's End Farm wrote:

            On Jul 21, 2008, at 6:48 PM, John S wrote:

              What is the policy with posting pics to this list? I have a
nice pic of the fruit eating wasps that plague me. It also seems to me that
a few pictures would have been of great help to the yellow jacket
controversy. Pictures are valuable. Is there a way do this or get this
started here?

            If there's an official policy, I'm not the one who knows it; but
I believe there are still people on this list with slow dial-up connections.
Pictures can tie up a dial up line for a significant number of minutes per
picture, and not everyone wants to automatically block all large emails from
coming through, as they may expect large files from someone else. People
will often post a link to the pictures, rather than the pictures themselves,
for this reason. There are a number of sites that will host the pictures so
as to make this possible, though I haven't got recommendations.


          Actually, I think the official policy is attached to every post
          "Use plain text ONLY in emails!"
          So pics are discouraged, but not actually stripped by the system.

          It's much friendlier the slow-connection folks to post a link. I
confess I once posted a picture on purpose, because I'm too lazy to figure
out how to use any of those free photo-hosting sites, and set up an account,
and all that. But I did make sure it was a small file.

          Ginda Fisher
          eastern MA, zone 6

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