[NAFEX] squirrels

fuwa fuwa usagi fuwafuwausagi at muchomail.com
Sat Aug 2 01:21:37 EDT 2008

Hmmm....my squirrel thinning with rocks and a wrist rocket sling shot failed...I pegged the little critters all right, but they simply fell to the ground and ran off.  

However I found something that worked darn good,  I borrowed a friend's blowgun...cripes, I practiced maybe 15 minutes and nailed my first squirrel.  Quiet, accurate, and fairly safe to use in the city.  Amazingly you can generate enough power with a puff of air to literally impale the things right to the tree.  You have to be sort of careful though, because the darts are not necessarily easy to remove and the squirrel may not be dead.  I found a pair of anvil pruners solves the safety issue.  


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