[NAFEX] Squirrels...the fluffy one prepares delicious snacks and traps

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Sat Aug 2 00:52:24 EDT 2008

As mentioned in the past I make delicious squirrel snacks of plaster of paris and peanut butter.  In the past a few of you have inquired as to the proportions and how I make these gastronomical delicacies for our furry little friends.  Here is the fluffy one's method.

Take a piece of aluminum foil about 12-15 incehs long and place it on your table.  Pour a pile of plaster of paris onto the aluminum foil.  Grab the foil at the edges and sort of shift the foil back and forth to spread out the plaster of paris some.  No take a dollop of peanut butter of approximate equal volume to the amount of plaster of paris and drop it in the center (I use a table knife to scope the peanut butter out of the jar and a vigorous flicking motion of the wrist) of the plaster of paris.  Now I simply fold on end of the foil over the top of the peanut butter and slightly push it in, then I pull the foil back and fold over the other end, pushing a bit more in.  I continue doing this and sifting the excess plaster of paris to the edges till the peanut butter will not absorb more plaster of paris easily.  When I reach this point I add another dollop of peanut butter, this time approximately 1/2 the volume of the original amount of plaster of paris and repeat the mixing procedure (note , mixing this way means I am not using my fingers at all to touch the mixture.  At this point the peanut butter is slightly sticky but not sticky enough to really stick to your fingers, so I begin to make little peanut balls by rolling   glob of peanut butter between my fingers.  I aim to get 1 inch balls of peanuty goodness for our little furry friends.  

One other method that appears to work very well.  take a length of stove pipe and put wire mesh on one end.  Drill a pilot hole in the opposite end and then use the hole to nail the stove pipe to a tree.  Add a bait of corn to the stove pipe.  Give it a bit of time and you will find you have a delicious squirrel inside.  Apparently the squirrels cannot climb out of pipe.  I have it on good account that squirrels make the best gravy for deer meat.  

If anyone is not too squeamish I can tell you a particularly effective foot trap that work great on squirrels. 


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