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Fresh figs are wonderful.  Our bush is loaded this year, and we will have at least a bushel of ripe figs to deal with (fortunately, they don't all get ripe at once).  I live at the northern edge of where they can be successfully grown outside (zone 7a). The tree dies back every year to the height that I mulch it, but it sprouts anew every spring, and we have enough heat, and a long enough growing season, to ripen them.  And, as a bonus, deer completely ignore figs.  I treasure my tree.

Eddie Earles

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>I have had three fig plants in big pots for seven years.  Never had a
>ripe fig Plenty of green figs which fell off unripe.  Today I picked
>two ripe figs from the Chicago Hardy.  Tasted good.  I bring them in
>during the winter and the leaves promptly fall off.  Last winter I
>kept them next to a window and a windowed door.  Leaves did not fall
>off and new leaves grew.  If you live where it is warm most of the
>year it probably sounds dumb to talk about two ripe figs but I am
>proud.  Severe winter temps here.  Not home of the fig.
>Minnesota zone 2-3
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