[NAFEX] Bald-faced hornet nests/wasps

hans brinkmann hans-brinkmann at t-online.de
Fri Aug 1 09:58:57 EDT 2008

Hallo Rivka, Jerry and Mathew,

it's been a pleasure to read your interesting comments!
Let me just add:
At Europe many garden owners/fruit-farmers do hang artificial housings 
especially for hornets:

Just for their protection AND to have less unwanted insects at their 
Wasps and hornets do eat usually only insects - only at a very small 
percentage - when they are older - they prefer sweet juice.
At small Germany we have more than 550 different species of wild-bees, 
11 different wasps resp. hornets and only one honey-bee.
Some wasps do eat also pollen, some can even collect pollen and many do 
also pollinate flowers.
Hornets do fly 24 h and hunt more than 20 h per day! Hornets do never 
sleep (only a kind of half-minute-sleep)!!!


Jwlehman at aol.com schrieb:
> *I consider the bald faced hornets my friends.* On several occasions I 
> observed them taking small horse flies from off my cattle's 
> undersides, eating off their heads then flying off with the body. What 
> called my attention to that act was seeing Bald Faced Hornets flying 
> around under the cattle. I asked myself, Why? So I watched and then 
> made the above observation and after that saw it many times.
> Once while looking out the kitchen window one landed on the glass pain 
> and I watched him from mere inches away eat off the head then fly away 
> with the body. Have seen no indication they take the bodies into the 
> nest. They land on fence posts and scrape off cellulose fiber I assume 
> to use in making their nests. If one looks at the nest shell one will 
> see the different colors due to different wood fibers.
> Had one nest hanging 5 feet off the ground in an apple tree in the 
> front yard. I spent a lot of time watching the nest activity from 
> maybe 5 feet away. Very interesting. Once when I got too close, maybe 
> 2 feet one gave me a warning by brushing against my cheek. So I backed 
> up a few feet and continued to watch. Never was stung by one. They 
> seem to me to be very docile 
> In this area the weather lore is: The higher the nests, the deeper the 
> snow the coming winter.
> There is nothing to it. First, the hornets don't winter over in the 
> nests. Second, I've seen very high and very low nests the same summer 
> and not far apart.
> Jerry
> Indiana, 5b
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